About Danielle

I’m all about getting people to slow down and connect with themselves. My favourite thing to do is to guide people to fully connect with their unique bodies and minds to find moments of stillness and peace. Through classes, workshops and 1-1 sessions, I hold space for people to slow down, move, restore and heal. 

My yoga classes are slow and deep, with a focus on meditative movement, breath and presence, in the Hatha tradition but drawing influences from many styles that inspire me.

Before Yoga, I trained as a dancer, studying contemporary dance and Dance Movement Therapy where I became interested in the way that emotions can be stored in the physical and energetic body and how through movement and presence, these emotions can be released and healed.

For me, Yoga and Reiki are a way of practicing love and compassion for ourselves and for each other. 

I offer:

  • Hatha Flow & Yin Yoga

  • Women’s wellness workshops

  • Reiki healing & training

  • 1-1 sessions

  • Retreats

I’m passionate about well-being and believe that people can have control over their bodies and health. Through taking time out to relax and treat our bodies well, we can find more peace, stillness and contentment.

Get in touch if you want to join a class, book a treatment or just have a question.

Get in touch

Drop me a line here or email hello@daniellegalway.com