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Shamanic Bootcamp Retreat with Rebekah Shaman

Shamanic Bootcamp Retreat with Rebekah Shaman
23-25 February 2018
The Cotswolds



Join us for this intense, personal development workout and get ready to flex your wings and fly into spring detoxed from any mental, emotional and spiritual BS. With increasing darkness on the planet make sure your light is switched to ON and set to service.

Held in a beautiful retreat centre on the edge of the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border this specially formulated weekend will take you through your shadow and back into the heart so you have the tools and inner guidance to help deal with life more gracefully and effortlessly. 

Morning heart opening yoga will help to awaken the body, stir the energy and dust out those energetic cobwebs. The cacao ceremony is a gentle yet transformational plant medicine journey which gives us the stillness to listen to messages, give us time to focus on issues we may have been avoiding and set new intentions going forward. The powerful gongs and sound healing assist us on a cellular level to heal and instil change.

True transformation comes from deep inner work which is not without it's sweat and tears but like anything hard you come out energised and refreshed with a new sense of clarity.

This Shamanic Bootcamp will help sweep out any doubt, darkness and debris that may have accumulated over the winter months so you can emerge into spring shining and ready for anything.

Some of the weekend's activities include:

Sacred Cacao Ceremony
Spring Ritual
Morning Yoga with me
Walk the Labyrinth
Gong Bathing
Vision Boarding

My girl Sound Awakening is taking enquiries for this magic fest, get in touch with her if you want to find out more:

Later Event: October 20
Yoga, Reiki & Deep Rest workshop