Danielle was a fantastic instructor for our mental health awareness week, we all very much enjoyed her class. She taught us the ways yoga can positively impact your mental health, which was informative and in keeping with our theme. As an intimate group, we were also treated to some relaxation and mindfulness at the end and a little head massage!
— Amy Williams, Kurt Geiger
I cannot thank Danielle enough for creating such a wonderful atmosphere at the Reiki, Yoga & Deep Rest event this past weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a relaxing, yet equally rewarding experience. I moved my body in ways that allowed me to release many blockages I didn’t even know I had—both emotional and spiritual. She guided us with such warmth, patience, and confidence—all of which permeated the room and made space for us to just BE. The Reiki was also a very key part of this event, Georgie who was assisting really elevated the whole experience and the energy exchange was just beautiful. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire gathering. From the structure of the afternoon, the thoughtful props provided, the detail of the room, to every single person who attended, it was perfect! I have been telling everyone about it since it happened and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one
— Africa Brooke, Writer, Speaker & Advocate

Reiki courses

I’ve done both my Reiki 2 and masters training with Danielle and both have been such beautiful, deep experiences. Danielle has such a genuine love and connection to Reiki and this really shone through in the training. I’ve also had reiki sessions with Danielle and they are always so light and beautiful, she has such a lovely energy and I’m so happy to have completed my journey with Reiki with someone who really works in integrity
— Shannon Wingford, Reiki & Massage Therapist
I attended Danielle and Louise’s Reiki Level One in February and thought it was fantastic. They nurtured a really friendly and communicative group, where it felt very comfortable to both give and receive Reiki treatments.

The day was well paced with time to simply listen and learn, to try out practical exercises and to discuss our experiences with the group. We covered a lot of ground but it never felt rushed, I don’t know how we managed to fit so much in!

I’ve waited a long time to find the right Reiki course and I’m so pleased I finally took the plunge with Danielle and Louise. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, friendly and welcoming Reiki course this is it.
— Lucy Bannister, Yoga teacher
I have often been told throughout my life that I should become Reiki attuned, however, I always knew that it would be at a time in life when I would just ‘know’. It needed to feel instinctively the right time. At the beginning of February I spent a day becoming Reiki attuned with Danielle and Louise. The events that led me to this course made me know that it was the right time. Synchronicity and alignment at its best!

The actual day itself, was beautiful. A small, intimate group of 7 of us arrived, all open to whatever was in store for us. I instantly felt completely welcomed & comfortable. The whole process of attunement was incredible, powerful, and it was so fascinating listening to everyone else’s experiences throughout our shares as well, each one of us different. Danielle and Louise are incredibly gifted, and it was so clear to see, and feel. I’m so excited to continue with my Reiki journey, and it’s a great feeling to know that I am able to seek support from my group who I shared the day with, as well as Danielle and Louise. Thank you so much for being the best people I could think of to bring me into the world of Reiki.
— Zara Bonser, Creator of My Sanctuary no. 8

Reiki treatments

Danielle has a powerfully healing energy that can be felt through her wonderfully relaxing treatments. I highly recommend her for those needing to relax and de-stress.
— Marcia VIdal, Jewelry Designer & Maker
Danielle has an amazing talent and if you get the opportunity to experience her healing reiki you must do it. I’ve rarely felt so relaxed as during and after my treatment, it was total bliss. It reset and reenergised me at a difficult time.
— Lucy Bannister, Yoga teacher
I had a session with Danielle when suffering with work related muscular pains and stress in my back. Not only was the session incredibly relaxing but I noticed an immediate and significant improvement afterwards. In addition I started to apply the mental grounding exercises she talked me through when having difficulty sleeping and found they worked wonders for bouts of insomnia.
— Joseph Marshall, Writer & Photographer


I’ve enjoyed every minute of my workplace yoga classes with Danielle. Whilst being friendly, kind and informative you also get a sense of well being without compromising giving your body a great deal of love and attention
— Abigail Fisher, The National Theatre
After a Yoga class with Danielle I am ready for the week ahead. I constantly employ the breathing techniques to help me through the day. I would thoroughly recommend her
— Corporate Yoga Student
Danielle is a very helpful and approachable teacher. The classes I’ve been doing each Monday have been a great start to the week
— Corporate Yoga Student
I have only been doing yoga for the past year and since I started doing classes with Danielle I have noticed that my home practice has got a lot better and I feel I am getting more of the moves correct and focusing on what is right for me and what my body needs.
— Private Student