Yoga in the workplace

I offer yoga classes in the workplace in various locations across London. Classes at work offer amazing benefits to your employees such as improving stress levels, posture, flexibility and overall well being.  Employers report that workplace yoga classes have improved staff morale and work/life balance.

My main interest is to allow students to access moments of stillness and peace, in order to reduce stress and promote wellness.

Danielle was a fantastic instructor for our mental health awareness week, we all very much enjoyed her class. She taught us the ways yoga can positively impact your mental health, which was informative and in keeping with our theme. As an intimate group, we were also treated to some relaxation and mindfulness at the end and a little head massage!
— Amy Williams, Kurt Geiger
I’ve enjoyed every minute of my workplace yoga classes with Danielle. Whilst being friendly, kind and informative you also get a sense of well being without compromising giving your body a great deal of love and attention
— Abigail Fisher, The National Theatre

Yoga is the ideal antidote to days spent at your desk, a typical yoga class will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen and tone the whole body, whilst promoting wellbeing and reducing stress with mindful breathing and meditation practices. My class incorporates flowing sequences with longer held poses, so you'll float out of class feeling energised and relaxed.  
If you have a space that could be used for a class and you think that having yoga where you work could benefit your company, get in touch to find out more.